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AMSA sanctions matches for the following disciplines:

smallbore rifle, high power rifle, smallbore hunting rifle, high power hunting rifle.


Membership in the Association allows you to participate in any sanctioned match held in the Province of Alberta, Membership is required to compete in the Provincials Championships.

Membership fees are as follows: Individual - $20/yr or $75/5yrs    Family - $25/yr or $95/5 yrs     

Club Affiliation - $60/yr

Your membership dollars go towards providing hosting grants for those clubs holding Provincial Championships. AMSA also provides match schedules outlining dates and locations for sanctioned matches for the year.

As well as providing vital links to the Alberta Federation of Shooting Sports (AFSS) and the Silhouette Rifle Assocation of Canada (SRAC), both AMSA and SRAC run Grand Slam Programs for ten-in-a-rows.

Any competitor shooting 10 targets in a row of each of the four animals qualifies for a Grand Slam pin. There is no time limit. Competitors can accumulate 10 in a rows over a number of years. These pins are available for smallbore silhouette and smallbore hunter, high power silhouette and high power hunter.

Also, upon completing a 10 in a row, a competitor can attempt a long run (continue to shoot the same animal until they miss). Both Grand Slam and Long Run forms are below and must be completed by the match director/match statistician and submitted to AMSA and/or SRAC.

AMSA conducts all matches according to National Rifle Assocation silhouette rules. You can download the current rules (courtesy of the NRA) by clicking on the button below.

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